Grameen Alo is a registered voluntary organization working with disadvantage group of people in Bogra District since 2002. We believe in where people have rights to protect their respect, opportunities and participate in the family as well as in the society. Grameen Alo is committed to follow participatory approach in- establishing human rights & reduce gender based violence, increasing transferency & accountability in different sector, promoting women participation in decision making, reducing the disability of disabled peoples as a part of its program planning. Our main aim is to empower disadvantaged group of people with skill and knowledge to protect their rights and to develop them as respected and productive citizen.

Over 18 years, Grameen Alo has become one of the most respected organization to its donor agencies, beneficiaries, partner CSOs and also to government line officers. During this period, GA has succeeded to build sustainable partnership with Global Fund For Women (USA), USAID-PROGATI (DAI, USA), Manusher Jonno Foundation, Action Aid Bangladesh, South Asia Partnership (SAP)-Bangladesh, Swiss Agency for Develop & Corporation (SDC) and Swiss contact-Bangladesh, Bangladesh NGO Foundation (BNF), NGO Forum for public health, Centre for Disability in Development (CDD), Human Development Foundation (HDF), USC Canada-Bangladesh and other development partners.

Grameen Alo is in contact with more than 15000 women, 1260 adolescent girls, 1480 children and 512 peoples with disabilities and local citizen’s/community people on regular basis  for raising the awareness on Health, Education, Agriculture, Social safety-net program. We also provide the support to Increase the Transparency and Accountability of Government sector and strengthen the committees of different sector i.e. Upazilla & Zilla level Management Committee of Health and Education sector. (Hospital Management Committee, FWC & CC Management Committee, UP Standing Committee, School Management Committee, PTA etc)

Grameen Alo tagged Trafficking, Environment, Information and Communication Technology and Corruption issues to group activities, because these issues have impacts over the women’s life. The field activities of Grameen Alo are specially trained up on the issues and they are skillfully raising awareness in the community.

Grameen Alo is also a parent organization of Rural Women’s Society, which is registered under the society act 1860. It’s has very strong executive committee and accountable to promote strong voice for the disadvantage people. The organization is equipped with capable and skilled manpower, adequate facilities & materials, latest information technology system, modules etc. In addition, the organization has developed and institutionalized fairly financial policy and manual to follow Bangladesh Accounting Standard as well as organizational transparency and accountability aspects. We also develop “Organization Discloser Policy” and follow the RTI Act. 2009 in all aspect of the organization.

Grameen Alo is a lead/focal point of USAID funded “DAI’s PROGATI (Promoting Governance, Accountability, Transparency and Integrity) project-Strengthening Civil Society Coalitions to Support and Promote Transparency and Accountability at the Local Level”. Through direct supervision of Grameen Alo, 35 nos. of PNGOs form Bogra, Joypurhat, Rajshahi, Lalmonirhat, Dinajpur, Sirajgonj and Panchgarh districts.

During this period, Grameen Alo received technical and financial supports from DAI and successfully (i) built 53 nos. of specialized Citizens Forums as third party monitoring team to monitor government services; (ii) used community scorecard process to generate field level information; (iii) developed action plans through interference meetings with service providers and users; (iv) developed Citizen Charters and (v) arranged dialogues for national budget oversight and anti-corruption campaigns. This civic engagement mechanism for service specific accountability issues has succeeded to build a sustainable partnership between service providers and users. The organization has completed all of its assigned responsibility in a timely manner with skill and honesty.

Grameen Alo accomplished the following as a lead of the project- , I. 46,500 posters; 12,000 leaflets 33,000 sticker design, printing and delivery to PNGOs, ii. Technical supports, iii. Monitoring, IV. 61 nos. of event progress reports, v. Fund management.

Grameen Alo has “Entrepreneurship Development Network” for sustainable development and market linkage of women entrepreneur in Bogra District. We have been performing as Focal NGO with strong network with DOORBAR in Bangladesh. We have specialization on Citizen Forum & Adolescent Forum Approach. Through this forum we have been trying to enhance transparency and accountability in different service provider in Union Level, as well as providing different awareness program like i. Nutrition, ii. Sexual Rights & Reproductive Health, iii Stop Violence Against women at School & Group level.

SL Registration Authority Registration No Date
01 NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh 2306 05.02.2008
02 Ministry of Social Welfare Bog-1064/04 30.05.2004
03 Department of Women Affairs DWA/Bog/156/06 04.06.2006
04 Microcredit Regulatory Authority (MRA) 21112-00701-00872 19.12.2019

To establish a society where every people feel free to access their rights.

To enhance knowledge based skill development of backward people by different program implementation and help to increase transparency and accountability of service providing agencies by people’s participation so that they become able to establish themselves as earnable and dignified citizen by secure their rights.

The Goal of the organization is to empower disadvantaged group of people with skill and knowledge so that they can protect their rights and develop themselves as respected and productive citizen.

To build up backward people as self- reliant, by involving them in economic activities and their livelihood development besides ensuring their rights.

Special Objective:

  • To empower women with knowledge and skill which are necessary for their empowerment
  • Involve women in income generating activities by developing them as women entrepreneurs so that they become economically and socially empowered.
  • To create/strengthen local women leaders so that can participate in the movement of reducing violence against women
  • Empowerment of Women & Girls to Promote and access Information & Communication Technology.
  • To develop a system so that the tortured women & girls feel free to access legal supports
  • To reduce Gender inequality in the family as well as in the society
  • To ensure that the person with disability have the opportunity to reach full potentiality
  • Develop capacity of local people so that they can ensure quality services in their area.
  • Beside ensuring people’s rights involving them into rights based activities
  • Play a vital role to increase transparency and accountability of service providing agencies.
  • Ensure dignity and empowerment of women by reducing discrimination between male and female.
  • To empower local civil societies so that they can combat local level corruption practices
  • Strengthening local GoB through Ensuring citizen’s participation.

By the constitution of Grameen Alo, the organization is running under the following two types of committee

General Committee of the Organization:

This committee is formed by the founder members of the organization. She/he always looks after for organization betterment and play role for communication with donors. Liaison with different ministry level and also with NGOAB has been regularized and followed by this committee. The General committee also look after the wings of the organization that is working effectively or not so that the member‘s are sit with the focal person of every project quarterly based and get update result of ongoing programs. The committee also look after of formation of Executive Committee; Constitutional Amendment/reforms; Ensure Accountability of EC members.

Executive Committee:

This committee is formed by the vote of General members of the organization. It is a 09 members committee, which have the following functions: Approve of Projects/Programs, Approve of recruitment of employee, Prepare yearly Income & expenditures Budget, prepare Strategic Plan for the Organization. They also follow up monitoring and evaluation team for have attention of program.

Members of the Executive Committee:

SL  Name Designation Qualification Profession  Photo
01 Asrafun Nahar Chairman LLB Coordinator (BLAST)
 02  Md. Azizul Haque  Vice Chairman M.S.S Professor
 03  Ms. Ferdoushi Begum General Secretary M.A Social Worker
 04  Md. Sajedul Islam Asst. General Secretary B.A Social Worker & Ex. Army Officer
 05 Sabina Yesmin Swety Treasurer M.A Retired NOG worker (TMSS)
 06 Bedana Khatun Women Affairs Secretary MSS School Teacher (BRAC)
 07  Mst. Shamima Akter Publication Secretary BA NGO worker (GBS)
 08 Sultana Razia Member BA Retired NOG worker (Proshika)
 09 Mst. Tanvina Islam Tania Member HSC Women Entrepreneur
  • Association of Developing Agencies in Bangladesh (ADAB)
  • National Forum of Organizations Working with Disabled (NFOWD)
  • Doorbar Network (NARIPOKKHO)
  • Disadvantaged Adolescents Working NGOS forum (DAWN)
  • SPEED Network
  • SAJAGG Network
  • Global Fund For Women
  • Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
  • Mannusher Janno Foundation (MJF)
  • Action Aid Bangladesh (AAB)
  • Center for Disabilities in Development (CDD)
  • NGO Forum For Public Health
  • Relief International (RI)
  • South Asia Partnership (SAP) Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh NGO Foundation (BNF)
  • Human Development Foundation (HDF)
  • USC Canada-Bangladesh
  • Department of Women Affairs (DWA)

Our working approach aims that the focal target people will actively participate in the decision making process and this is done through their REFLECT Circles. The REFLECT Circles are the forums where the beneficiaries gathered weekly and discuss all the issues which affect their lives, share their concerns and makes collective decision to solve the issues. Finally, they setup their future activities for a month following the issues. Thus the capacity of women as leader is incising and they are learning about the principles of human rights. Also Grameen Alo involves community people and local administration in addressing the situations peoples who need care and protection.


  • Listening to the community people and our work be guided by their views, suggestions and feeling;
  • Encouraging women to involve in Income Generating Activities;
  • Entrepreneurship development through forming specific IGA based women’s Associations;
  • Encouraging women to participate in the movement of reducing violence against women
  • Involve print media, legal support providers agencies, GO/NGOs and community people to stop women rights in the country;
  • Self Help Group Development;
  • Networking/Linkage build up with other organizations concerned with development and human rights in the country;
  • Information dissemination through Dialogues/Campaigns;

Grameen Alo has developed its financial system from the beginning of the organization. Now the financial system is running under the Financial Policy of the organization, the organization updates its policy, if necessary.

To ensure a transparent and accountable financial system the financial policy has the following item:

  1. Every project will have separate Bank Account;
  2. Computerized accounting system;
  3. Staff salary will be paid through their own Bank Account;
  4. 03 members purchase committee will be formed by the EC;
  5. Every purchase of above Taka 20,000/- will be made by Quotation from at least 03 vendors;
  6. Every purchase of above Taka 20,000/- will be made by account Payee Cheque;
  7. Quarterly Financial report must be submitted to the EC;
  8. Internal Auditor will audit the transactions;
  9. Yearly External Audit should be confirmed by any authorized audit farm; etc.

Overall Management of Grameen Alo
By the constitution of Grameen Alo, the organization is running under the following two types of committee.

General Committee:
This committee is formed by the founder members of the organization. The roles of the committee are:

  1. Formation of Executive Committee;
  2. Constitutional Amendment/reforms;
  3. Ensure Accountability of EC;

Executive Committee:
This committee is formed by the vote of General members of the organization. It is a 09 members committee, which have the following functions:

  1. Approve of Projects/Programs;
  2. Approve of recruitment of employee
  3. Prepare yearly Income & expenditures Budget
  4. prepare Strategic Plan for the Organization

The organization has a monitoring and evaluation system. Under the system every activities is monitored by a monitoring team. The monitoring team reports to the Executive Director with necessary suggestions. The organization ensures accountability of the staffs through the monitoring system. Finally, every projects/programs are evaluated at the end of every fiscal year. Depending on the monitoring & evaluation report the organization takes necessary actions to achieve the objective project/program.