Funded by: Global Fund for Women

Technical Supported by: CREA World

Budget:  2,400,000.00 BDT

Period: 21 March’2017 to 20 March’2020

Area: Upazilla: Bogra Sadar, District: Bogra


  • Formed 01 nos forum comprise 15 nos member for each Forum.
  • Project Inception Workshop (Upazilla Level)
  • Capacity Building on Women Leadership & Movement (5 days long)
  • Training on Gender violence & Human Rights (3 days long)
  • Training on SRHR (2 days long)
  • Training on Communication & Networking (2 days long)
  • Training on Journal Writing & Reporting (3 days long)
  • Courtyard meeting on Women Rights & SRSR
  • Drama Campaign for Gender Awareness at College & Community level
  • Day Observation (6 day observation/FY)
  • Beneficiaries Movement for different initiative
  • Meeting with others NGOs Staffs
  • Meeting with Union Parishad

Supported by: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and Swiss contact Bangladesh.

Budget: 62, 67,567.00 BDT

Period: 2015 to 2019

Area: Upazilla: Bogra Sadar & Gabtoli, District Bogra


  • Raise awareness among the beneficiaries about benefits of and opportunities for skills training- (i) Tailoring, (ii) Kathchupi Fitter, (iii) Block Batik Printer, (iv) Machine Embroider & (v) Mobile Phone Technician
  • Facilitate delivery of demand –driven skills training for wage and self employment
  • Support beneficiaries and private sector enterprises to conduct workplace-based training and job placement
  • Assist in establishing a cell within the Informal Sector Industry Skills Council for raising awareness among informal sector enterprises on LRDW

Supported by: Action aid Bangladesh

Budget: 2, 52, 23,516.00 BDT

Period: March’2016 to April’2019

Area: Upazilla: Gabtoli, District: Bogra


  • Increase awareness of targeted beneficiaries on the importance of adequate Sexual Reproductive Health and nutrition (i.e. food diversity, different types of food intake, improved, diet, nutrition counseling, food-borne illness, routine health – vaccination, regular check-up, compulsory breast feeding and its benefits).
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of school teachers and students on SRH and adequate nutrition.
  • Create linkages between Union Parishad (UP) Standing Committees and targeted schools to raise awareness of school students, school management and parents on SRH and nutrition (Combined meeting between Education, Health and Family Welfare).
  • Establish linkages by facilitate meetings between intended women groups and local community clinics and other government health facilities through which SRHR service, Family planning and other commodities, and counseling care will be regularly provided.
  • Develop technical skill and capacity of entrepreneur groups by facilitating linkages with public/ private technical providers in the community.
  • Sensitize market actors and local government on women access and creating enabling environment for women entrepreneurs
  • Establish network(s) among targeted women (women entrepreneurs and IGA) in order to enable networking leadership and knowledge sharing.
  • Advocate for increased budget allocation for women agro-entrepreneurs by facilitating linkages between project, policy makers, entrepreneur federation members, women agro-entrepreneur group leaders and solidarity partners.

Supported by: Own Initiative

Budget: 2,75,000.00 BDT

Area: Bogra


  • Formation of women entrepreneur’s association
  • Provide training on women entrepreneur
  • Market linkage
  • Networking
  • Business analysis

A. Training on business Management-

  • New business creation
  • Making market for women entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurship development and business management
  • Marketing, networking and communication
  • Bookkeeping and ICT

B. Training on skill development

Tailoring, Kathchupi, Handicrafts, Block-Batik, Machine embroidery, Mobile phone technician, Beautification, , Computer, Food Processing ,Motor cycle mechanics etc.

Supported by: Human Development Foundation (HDF)

Budget: 354,000.00 BDT

Period: January’2017 to December’2017

Area: Upazilla: Bogra Sadar, District: Bogra


  • Provide Training on Skills development like, Tailor & Embroidery.

Supported by: Bangladesh NGO Foundation (BNF)

Budget: 304,600.00 BDT

Period: June’2017 to May’2018

Area: Upazilla: Bogra Sadar, District: Bogra

Skill Development Training:

  • Training on Computer Basic Course

Supported by: Department of Women Affairs (DWA)

Budget: 20, 28,950.00 BDT

Period: 1 March’2017 to 31 December’2018

Area: Upazilla- Aditmary, District- Lalmonirhat


  • Issue based Awareness on 5 topics
  • Training on Income Generating Activities
  • Entrepreneurship Development & Business management Training
  • Savings Collection & linkage with micro finance department

Supported by: Department of Women Affairs (DWA)

Budget: 3, 48,744.00 BDT

Period: 1st March’2017 to 30 April’2018

Upazilla: 05 nos. Bogra Municipality (Pourashava), Sherpur, Shariakandi, Dhunut, Gabtoli, District : Bogra


  • Awareness on Maternity, Re-productive Health, Hygienic & Sanitation of 1200 women.

Supported By: Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce (BWCCI)

Budget: 9,65,000 BDT

Period: 1st July’2016 to 31st December’2017

Area: Bogra Sadar Upazilla;


  1. Entrepreneurship development trainings; i.e- i) Entrepreneurship development & Business Management ii) Marketing iii) Financial Management
  2. Linkage buildup with financial institutes;

Supported By: Own Fund

Budget: 76,00,000 BDT

Period: 2006 to Ongoing

Area: Bogra Sadar Upazilla;


  • Financial Support to women entrepreneurs
  • Issue based Awareness
  • Provide technical support to the target peoples.