Funded by: Global Fund for Women

Technical Supported by: CREA World

Budget:  2,400,000.00 BDT

Period: 21 March’2017 to 20 March’2020

Area: Upazilla: Bogra Sadar, District: Bogra


  • Formed 01 nos forum comprise 15 nos member for each Forum.
  • Project Inception Workshop (Upazilla Level)
  • Capacity Building on Women Leadership & Movement (5 days long)
  • Training on Gender violence & Human Rights (3 days long)
  • Training on SRHR (2 days long)
  • Training on Communication & Networking (2 days long)
  • Training on Journal Writing & Reporting (3 days long)
  • Courtyard meeting on Women Rights & SRSR
  • Drama Campaign for Gender Awareness at College & Community level
  • Day Observation (6 day observation/FY)
  • Beneficiaries Movement for different initiative
  • Meeting with others NGOs Staffs
  • Meeting with Union Parishad

Supported by: Swisscontact Bangladesh.

Budget:  1,83,69,920.00 BDT

Period: July’2016 to June’2020

Area: Upazilla: Bogra Sadar & Gabtoli, District Bogra


  • Raise awareness among the beneficiaries about benefits of and opportunities for skills training- (i) Tailor/Dress Making and Tailor, (ii) Kathchupi Fitter, (iii) Block Batik Printer, (iv) Machine Embroider, (v) Mobile Phone Technician & (vi) Garments Machine Operator.
  • Facilitate delivery of demand –driven skills training for wage and self employment
  • Support beneficiaries and private sector enterprises to conduct workplace-based training and job placement
  • Assist in establishing a cell within the Informal Sector Industry Skills Council for raising awareness among informal sector enterprises on LRDW

Supported by: Own Initiative

Budget: 2,75,000.00 BDT

Area: Bogra


  • Formation of women entrepreneur’s association
  • Provide training on women entrepreneur
  • Market linkage
  • Networking
  • Business analysis

A. Training on business Management-

  • New business creation
  • Making market for women entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurship development and business management
  • Marketing, networking and communication
  • Bookkeeping and ICT

B. Training on skill development

Tailoring, Kathchupi, Handicrafts, Block-Batik, Machine embroidery, Mobile phone technician, Beautification, , Computer, Food Processing ,Motor cycle mechanics etc.

Supported by: Human Development Foundation (HDF)

Budget: 354,000.00 BDT

Period: July’2019 to June’2020

Area: Upazilla: Bogra Sadar, District: Bogra


  • Provide Training on Skills development like, Tailor & Embroidery.

Supported by: Bangladesh NGO Foundation (BNF)

Budget: 369,000.00 BDT

Period: July’2019 to June’2020

Area: Upazilla: Bogra Sadar, District: Bogra

Skill Development Training:

  • Training on Computer Basic Course (Duration- 6 months)
  • Dress Making & Tailor (Duration- 6 months)

Supported by: Department of Women Affairs (DWA)

Budget: 16,52,850.00 BDT

Period: 1 June’2019 to 31 December’2020

Area: Upazilla- Shibganj, District- Bogura


  • Issue based Awareness on 5 topics
  • Training on Income Generating Activities
  • Entrepreneurship Development & Business management Training
  • Savings Collection & linkage with micro finance department

Supported by: Department of Women Affairs (DWA)

Budget: 3, 48,744.00 BDT

Period: 1st April’2018 to 31 December’2020

Upazilla: 05 nos. Bogra Municipality (Pourashava), Sherpur, Shariakandi, Dhunut, Gabtoli, District : Bogra


  • Awareness on Maternity, Re-productive Health, Hygienic & Sanitation of 1200 women.

Supported By: Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce (BWCCI)

Budget: 9,65,000 BDT

Period: 1st July’2019 to 31st December’2020

Area: Bogra Sadar Upazilla;


  1. Entrepreneurship development trainings; i.e- i) Entrepreneurship development & Business Management ii) Marketing iii) Financial Management
  2. Linkage buildup with financial institutes;

Supported By: Own Fund

Budget: 2,81,93,131.00 BDT

Period: 2016 to Ongoing

Area: Bogra Sadar Upazilla;


  • Financial Support to women entrepreneurs
  • Issue based Awareness
  • Provide technical support to the target peoples.