Supported by: Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF)

Budget: 82, 92,272.00 BDT

Period: 01 December’2014 to 31 June’2017

Area: Upazilla: Gabtoli, District: Bogra

Activities: Ensuring responsiveness of Local Governance Institutions

A: Capacity Building of CMG and Local Citizens for their Engagement in Monitoring Advocacy works:

  • Formation of community monitoring groups/support groups (27 member)- 9 nos.
  • Project Inception Meeting (District and Union level -10 nos.
  • Project inception workshop (district level with DC, UNO, DDLG, UP representatives and Standing committee)-1 no.
  • Training/orientation for community monitoring groups/support groups on LGSP and SA tools (2 days)- 9 nos.
  • Refreshers Training/orientation for community monitoring groups/support groups on LGSP and SA tools (2 days) -9nos.
  • By monthly meeting with community monitoring groups/support groups – 15 nos.
  • Awareness raising and assists to develop the UP bodies (Court yard meeting/ community meeting on information dissemination) – 648 nos

B: Ensuring Quality Service for Transparency & Accountability through monitoring and advocacy work

  • Social mapping 18 nos.
  • Implement of community scorecards-
  • Input tracking- 18 nos.
  • FGDs with community – 36 nos.
  • FGDs with service providers- 18 nos.
  • Development Community action plan and display -18 nos.
  • Conduct Social Audit -18 nos.

C: Increase responsiveness of public institution

  • Meeting with local level government officials.
  • Meeting with Union parishad – 81 nos.
  • Interface meting -18 nos.
  • Facilitate Union Parishad to organize planning meeting- 18 nos.
  • Facilitate Union Parishad to organize wardshava- 162 nos.
  • Facilitate UPs to conduct open budget session at UP level- 18 nos.
  • Training/orientation UPs (WC &SSC) to exercises of Social Accountability tools – 9 nos.
  • Training/orientation UPs (WC &SSC) on RTI- 9 nos.
  • Regional level roundtable meeting on Social Accountability -3 nos.
  • Installed suggestion boxes in the Union Parishad 9 nos.
  • Public hearing 18 nos.

Supported by: NGO Forum for Public Health

Budget: 48,30,226.00 .00BDT

Period: 01 November’2014 to 30 December’2016

Area: Upazilla: Bogra Sadar, District: Bogra

Activities: Ensuring responsiveness of public institutions

  1. Capacity Building of Local Citizens for their Engagement in Monitoring Advocacy works.
  • Formation of Union Citizens Forums (UCF) & District Advocacy Forum (DAF)
  • Capacity Development of UCF & DAF
  • workshop with selected service providers and District-level workshop on presentation of identified problems, process of action plan development and advocacy works:
  1. Monitoring and Advocacy for functional committees and quality services
  • Monitoring of existing services of selected service points
  • District level advocacy meeting for Sharing field findings and Action plan development:
  • Action plan Develop and Display in Bill Board.
  • Strengthening SMC, PTA and Union Standing Committee.
  • Citizen Charter Development and hanging it open place.
  • Management Committee Strengthening through Advocacy and Meetings with service recipients and service providers of Health, Education, Agriculture sector and Union Parishad.

Supported by: Centre for Disability in Development (CDD)

Budget: 88,24,000.00 BDT

Period: 1st January’2013 to 31st December’2016

Area: Upazilla & District- Bogra


  • Orientation on CBR key issues & CBR Working Group within the organization
  • Needs based technical support to Union Councils.
  • Network meetings, Stakeholder Analysis.
  • Sensitization workshop with school management committee (SMC)
  • Disability awareness sessions with the school children
  • Day observation (International Day for DRR, IDD, Human Rights day)
  • Adaptation and Accessibility, Provision of Assertive Devices, Formation of SHGs etc.

Supported by: Bangladesh NGO Foundation (BNF)

Budget: 2,75,000 BDT

Period: 1st October’2015- 30th September’2016

Area: Bogra Sadar, Bogra


  • Training on Information Technology (Computer Training on 30 Adolescent girls)
  • Training on Outsourcing (20 Adolescent girls)
  • Training on Graphics Designing (10 Adolescent girls)
  • Tree Planned & Certificate Distribution Workshop

Supported by: Department of Women Affairs (DWA)

Budget: 24,95,357.00 BDT

Period: 1 March’2015 to 31 December’2016

Area: Upazilla- Aditmary & Kaligonj, District- Lalmonirhat


  1. Issue based Awareness on 5 topics
  2. Training on Income Generating Activities
  3. Entrepreneurship Development & Business management Training
  4. Savings Collection & linkage with micro finance department.

Supported by: Department of Women Affairs (DWA)

Budget: 1,51,248.00 BDT

Period: 1st September’2015 to 30 June’2016

Area: Bogra Municipality (Powroshova), Bogra


  1. Awareness on Maternity, Re-productive Health, Hygienic & Sanitation of 1200 women.

Supported by: Disadvantaged Adolescents Working NGOs Forum (DAWN) & Own fund

Budget: 2,88,000.00 BDT

Period: 1st July’2015 to 31st December’2016

Area: Bogra Sadar Upazilla, Bogra


  • Regular Adolescent Forum Meeting
  • Workshop of Adolescents with SMC, PTA and Teachers
  • Advocacy Dialogue for ensuring service of Government Sectors
  • Sanitation Support for girls at school level.
  • Wall magazine by students in school
  • Supply information Box

Supported by: Human Development Foundation (HDF)

Budget: 549,600.00 BDT

Period: 1st July’2013 to 31st June’2015

Area: Upazilla & District- Bogra


  • Provide Training on Income Generating Activities (manufacturing Homeopathy Drum Shishi)
  • Training on Entrepreneurship Development and Marketing.
  • Training on Packaging
  • Linkage with market.

Supported By: Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce (BWCCI)

Budget: 10,25,000 BDT

Period: 1st July’2013 to 31st June’2016

Area: Bogra Sadar Upazilla;


  1. Entrepreneurship development training; i.e- i) Entrepreneurship development & Business Management ii) Marketing iii) Financial Management
  2. Linkage buildup with financial institutes;

Supported by: Relief International Bangladesh (RI)

Budget: 5,06,000.00 BDT

Period: 20 August’2014 to 19 August’2015

Area: Upazilla: Bogra Sadar, District: Bogra


  • Direct Assistance to Male Victims of Human Trafficking
  • Training on Entrepreneurship Development & Business Management
  • Psychosocial Counseling Service
  • Technical and Vocational Educations
  • Awareness Raising Program for College Students
  • Public Hearing on Human Trafficking

Supported by: Manusher Jonno Foundation

Budget: 2,63,510 BDT

Area: Union: Shakharia, Upazilla: Bogra Sadar, District: Bogra


  • Formation of Citizen & Youth Forum
  • Capacity Building Training for Forum members
  • Strengthening Management Committee & Community Support Group of FWC & CC
  • Citizen Charter Development
  • Action Plan Development for insuring Health Service

Supported by: USAID-PROGATI

Period: October 15, 2011 – July 31, 2012

Budget: 69,13,192.00 BDT

Area: Bogra, Joypurhat, Lalmonirhat, Rajshahi and Dinajpur District.


Institutionalizing District-Level Citizen Participation Entry Points, Phase-03

  • Organize and facilitate a series of 3-5 district level meetings;
  • Advise Network PNGOs leaders, CSOs and government officials on the implementation of action plans
  • CSO-Citizen Forum sharing meetings;
  • Citizen’s Charter Adaptation for Local Use
  • Workshop for Citizen Forum member & Network PNGOs leaders
  • Meeting with Citizen Forum members and CSO leaders
  • Citizen’s Charter development meetings with forum members and GOB officials
  • Citizen’s Charter joint monitoring & improvement meetings with CF members and GOB officials

10 different Year 5 civil society activities and interview representatives of at least 50 CSOs to Develop Action Plan.

Convene a two-day action planning workshop in Dhaka

Supported by: USAID-PROGATI

Budget: 18,29,123.00 BDT

Period: June’2011 – August’2011

Area: Bogra, Sirajgang,Joypurhat and Lalmonirhat District.


  • General Anti-Corruption Campaign- 12 nos.
  • Scorecard Dialogues- 12 nos.
  • Budget Oversight Awareness Dialogues- 10 nos.
  • Lesson Learning Workshop- 1 no.

Supported by: USAID-PROGATI

Budget: 62,27,541 BDT

Area: Bogra, Sirajgang, Pabna, Rangpur, Nilphamari, Joypurhat, Lalmonirhat and Panchgarh District.          


  • General Anti-Corruption Campaign- 20 nos.
  • Scorecard Dialogues- 20 nos.
  • Budget Oversight Awareness Dialogues- 20 nos.
  • Lessons Workshop- 1 no.

Supported by: Center for Disabilities in Development (CDD)

Budget:13,14,000 BDT

Total Clients: Yearly 150 school children with Disabilities and Family members;

Area: Bogra Sadar Upazilla, Bogra.


  • District & Local level workshop on Disability
  • School Adaptation
  • Caregiver Training
  • Inclusive Education
  • Assistive Device distribution
  • Therapy for disabilities.

Supported by: Bangladesh NGO Foundation

Budget: 4,00,000 BDT

Area: Bogra Sadar, Bogra


  • Training on Information Technology (Computer Training on 120 Adolescent girls)
  • Issue based Awareness program for Adolescent girls.
  • School based Campaign for using Information Technology.
  • Training on Handicraft & IT
  • Training on Digital Device & Gender
  • Workshop on Union Information Service.

Supported by: South Asia Partnership (SAP) Bangladesh

Budget: 9, 89,677 BDT

Area: Shajahanpur Upazilla of Bogra district;


  • Adult Education
  • Awareness Raising on Women and Child Trafficking;
  • Adolescent’s Nutrition Education;
  • Primary Health care;
  • Agricultural Activities- Vegetable production and homestead gardening;
  • Asset transfer and Goat rearing;
  • Linkage with GO/NGO;

Supported By: Action-Aid Bangladesh and Manusher Jonno Foundation

Total Budget: 33,58,961 BDT (Action-Aid- 15,00,000 BDT ongoing and MJF- 18,58,961 BDT)

Area: Bogra District;


  • Revolving fund for Women Entrepreneurs;
  • Promoting Women Rights;
  • Legal Supports to the tortured women;
  • Linkages with local service providers;
  • Networking of female headed organizations;

Supported By: Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce & Industries (BWCCI)

Area: Fulbari Upazilla, Dinajpur District;


  • Training on Gender and Rights;
  • Training on Marketing;

Supported By: USC Canada Bangladesh

Period: April-December’2005

Budget: 15,00,000 BDT

Total Beneficiaries: 1200 rural women

Area: Kushtia & Chuadanga District;


  • Provide IGA Skill Training of 750 women.

Supported By: Own initiative

Period: July’05-June’06

Budget: 116,000 BDT

Total Beneficiaries: 30 Adolescents

Area: Kurigram District


  • Health and Nutrition Education.

Supported By: Social Welfare Department

Period: August-November’2007

Budget: 1,16,000.00 BDT (Grant)

Total Beneficiaries: 25 rural woman

Area: Bogra District


  • Women and Child Rights;
  • IGA skill training.